FHBC Arts Ministry

Through the Arts Ministry of Forest Hills Baptist Church, we want to recognize that creative inspiration is from a divine source, God, our heavenly Father. Our goal is to help people discover their creative talents and skills. 

We want to provide an inviting place where we can meet to create, fellowship, and reach out to the community. Shepherd's Studio is a place where people of all ages, at different stages in their lives, and from varying places, can come together to study and create works of art through painting, sewing, and other mediums.  It is a place where we can discover God's gift of creativity that is within us.  We can develop our talents to honor Him.

Down by the Seashore
August 2-3 from 9:00am - 12:00pm

Created to Create Art Camp is an opportunity for your child to create original works of art in an environment that encourgaes creativity, exploration, and individual expression. It's our goal to help children recognize that God, the Great Creator of this beautiful world we live in, is also the creator of each of us! We want to help those who attend our art camp explore their own creativity and help them open themselves to God, who is the giver of good, orderly direction. We want to provide a safe place for each child to open up to greater creativity. 

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