Coming Soon: "Christmas Time in the City"

“What does Christmas mean to you?” Well, the answer to that question depends on who you ask. Some people might answer, “It’s an excuse to spend the month of December buying gifts and wrapping presents.” Others might answer, “It’s a time when my family can gather around the TV to watch the never-ending Hallmark movie marathons.” And of course, if you ask most kids, they’ll all say the same thing, “Santa Claus!”

While all these responses are different from each other, they all reflect what Christmas means to many of us in 2016 America. But if we were to take a trip back in time, I wonder what Christmas meant to the residents of Bethlehem on the night of Jesus’ birth. That’s exactly what we’re going to be exploring through our sermon series this Advent season, “Christmas Time in the City.”

Each week, we'll come to worship to examine the lives of those that Jesus' birth impacted the most in the city of Bethlehem and how that birth continues to impact us today. Join us in either of our worship services as we explore this story through the eyes of biblical characters on the following dates:

November 27 - The Innkeeper

December 4 - The Shepherds

December 11 - The Magi (Wise Men)

December 18 - Mary and Joseph

In addition to this exciting sermon series, we'll also have elements of the Christmas season sprinkled throughout all that we do in both worship services. From the decorations, songs, children's messages, and advent readings, this is a special time to gather in worship to praise God for the gift of Jesus!

We hope you'll make plans to join us as we explore what Christmas meant for the residents of Bethlehem so long ago and what this good news continues to mean for us and our city today!

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