The Power of Women in the Easter Story

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    There are 5.2 million more women in America than there are men.  Even though women hold the gender majority in our country, this reality is not embraced in most areas within the world we live in. Women only comprise a little over 19% of the seats in congress. Only about 4% of the S&P’s Fortune 500 companies are run by a woman as CEO. Of all the churches in our country, only about 12% have a woman as Senior Pastor. Why is this so? For far too long, the power of women has been underestimated, and underrepresented. Women not only hold the majority in our country, they hold a lot more power than they are given credit for. Throughout scripture, we see that it is women who get things done. Women make things happen. Be it not for a woman, (pharaoh’s daughter), Moses’ whole ministry never would have had a beginning in the first place. Don’t forget that God himself became man through the young woman named Mary. In fact, none of us would be here if it were not for women.

    Within each Gospel account of Jesus, there are sometimes little differences in how stories are repeated, or differences in the order of events, and so on. They all agree though, that it was a group of women that first witnessed the resurrection of Jesus. Each gospel may point out differences in perspective, but they all make it quite apparent that women are to bear witness to the event. So what does this mean? This means that it was the voices of women that first proclaimed the Gospel. This means that women were the first preachers of the good news of Jesus’ resurrection. These women rose early on Sunday morning, made their way up to the tomb, saw that the Lord had been resurrected, and turned to tell the rest.

    This means for us, that the Church is around today because of these wonderful ladies. Just as all of humankind owes its existence to the women that bore them as children, we as the body of Christ owe our first beginnings to the servants of God, who happen to be female. In a world that is slowly catching on to the potential assets that women are to society, it seems incredibly empowering to know that God recognized this potential, and entrusted the future and delivery of his Gospel to a group of women. Imagine that.

-Gavin Spell

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