Forest Hills Summer 2016 Update!

How have you seen God at work this summer?

We have been amazed to see how God is at work in the life of our church and community this summer!

Here are just a few of the ways we have seen God at work. . .

The #FHBCSummerTour campaign created an opportunity for people to share and connect with social media.  

At Storytime with Sue, we provided a welcoming space for preschoolers to sing songs, read stories, and learn to pray to God.

Each Wednesday night dozens of men gathered in the backyard of the missionary house for Bible study and fellowship.

Nearly 100 people signed up for the July Reading Challenge and committed to reading God’s Word each day.

Our new church partner, Iglesia Bautista La Roca, held their first worship service on our campus this past Sunday with around 85 in attendance.

Many of our youth participated in two mission trips where they had the opportunity to do God’s work and see God at work in the lives of others!

Connections Preschool successfully launched Camp Forest Hills reaching and sharing God’s love with children and families in our community.

We have had several guests, college students, young adults and young families, in worship over the summer. Many of them have sought out ways to get more involved in congregational life.

These are just some of the ways we have seen God at work this summer.

What about you? How have you seen God at work at Forest Hills or in your life this summer?

Share your story or leave a comment below!

- Neil Westbrook