What is "Bring a Friend Sunday"?

Lately, people have been asking me what is “Bring a Friend Sunday”? Well, before I start telling you what it is, I find it helpful to tell you what this isn’t.

This isn’t high attendance Sunday. We’re not looking to “pack a pew” or feel good about how many people show up.

This also isn’t a day to invite your friends from other churches to come visit. Trust me, God will speak to them on that day wherever they choose to worship. 

In short, we’re not looking to boost numbers or show off our worship services to those from other churches. Instead, we’re looking to invite our friends to worship with us who fit some of the following criteria:

Friends who are without a church home…

Friends who could benefit from being in community with others…

Friends who just need to hear that God loves them…

This is a day for us to be intentional about reaching out to people God has placed in our lives. We’re going to reach out, invite, and worship alongside our friends who may benefit from being in a Christ-centered community.

On that Sunday we will begin a 3-week sermon series geared towards understanding what it means to be a friend of God. How wonderful it is to know that we can be friends with God!

On top of inviting your friends for worship that day, we want to encourage you to think about ways that you can engage them with our church community in the weeks that follow. Consider inviting them to join us for our Serve Blitz Day on Sept. 24, World Communion Sunday on Oct. 2, and other opportunities throughout the fall.

Before we get to September 18th though, take time to pray. Take time to pray for who God is leading you to invite. And once a name has been laid on your heart, pray for the courage to personally invite that person. We look forward to worshiping with you and your friends this fall!

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