A Prayer for Our Schools

School Prayer Blog Post Pic.jpg

Father, we thank you for the gift of education. As many of our schools prepare to start back this week, we lift up in prayer all those involved in the task of education. 

Lord, thank you for our teachers. Thank you for the time and commitment they make each day to support our children. Give them the strength to press on each day, even when that seems impossible to do. Give them patience as they give attention to each student’s progress and may they maintain a positive attitude as they do so. Give them wisdom on what to teach and how to teach it, recognizing that each student learns in different ways. We also ask that you bless their families, for we know that the work of a teacher doesn’t begin and end with the school bell. Thank you Lord for those that you call to teach our children, and for the care and compassion they display each day.

Lord, we thank you for our students. Thank you for raising up new generations who are eager to learn and grow. We thank you for making each student different and for endowing each one with special gifts and talents. Through the classes they take, may these gifts and talents be given a place to grow and develop. Lord, we’re also aware that many students may come from a less than ideal home environment. Lord, no matter what kind of home they come from, we pray that they find a warm and supportive community in their schools. Place in their path classmates and teachers who can love and support them. Give them patience and focus as they come to learn the basics of life together and may they show respect to one another as they do so. May each student be blessed by what they learn and experience in school.

Last but not least, we thank you Lord for the administrators and staff of each school. We’re thankful for all those who support the task of education and work to provide a friendly, safe, and supportive place in which to learn. We thank you for those who arrive before the sun comes up and for those who stay long after the sun has gone down. Thank you for the hands that clean, prepare lunch, assign class schedules, answer phones, and handle issues we can’t begin to imagine.

So Lord, bless and protect our schools. Let what happens in each classroom bring honor and glory to your name. And may each of us do what we can to support our children, our teachers, and our schools.

In the name of Christ, we pray, AMEN. 

 - Rev. Tyler Ward