A Prayer for College Freshmen

Perhaps the most important thing anyone can do before a major life transition is pray. For the millions of incoming college freshmen preparing to make such a transition, I hope that they’ll spend the coming weeks (before and after the move) seeking God’s guidance as they step out in faith to begin a new phase of life.

As they do, I’d like to offer a prayer for all those incoming freshmen. While the below prayer is written in first person language for incoming freshmen to pray, I hope that no matter where you’re at in life, you’ll take a moment to pray for these students too…

Father, as I prepare to leave for freshmen year, I have no idea what awaits me. I’m excited, scared, and so much more. Give me faith to know that you’ll be with me each step of the way. And as you do, I pray that you’ll give me these qualities as well…

God, give me an open mind. Let my intellect be challenged by the wisdom and truth of this world. Don’t let me walk in thinking I already know everything or that everything I know is right. Shatter my ignorance and open my mind to all this world holds. Guide me along the right paths so that I never lose my way, but let me listen to all those who wish to speak truth into my life.

Lord, give me an open heart. As I form relationships, romantic and otherwise, allow me to feel all that the human experience offers. Guard me from unnecessary hurt and brokenness, but never let my feet back away from opportunities to know and love others as you know and love me.  Grant me the courage to embrace this community, to make meaningful friends, and to develop healthy relationships.

Finally Lord, give me an open faith. Place me around people who will support me in my Christian walk, hold me accountable, and show me what a healthy, spiritual community looks like. As they pour your love into me, may I also find ways to pour my love into others. Let your Holy Spirit move me to serve where you call me, whether on campus, in my community, or around the world. Wherever and however you lead me, grant me the faith to listen and follow.

In Jesus' name, I pray. AMEN.

 - Rev. Tyler Ward

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