Sharing the Gospel through Hospitality


In coordination with, "Aligning Hospitality with Disciple-Making." By Chris Clayman.

During this season of Thanks, how are you using Christian hospitality to make disciples… to share God’s love?

Chris Clayman and I met at a conference in Arizona a couple years ago, and I blessed with the opportunity to spend a great deal of time with him travelling to and hiking the Grand Canyon – and sharing kindred stories of God’s “super plan.” He is an imbedded missionary in the depths of New York City, U.S.A., sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with West Africans, and others, in his neighborhood.

As we approach this holiday, be challenged and encouraged.
Listen to his plenary session last week in Wake Forest:

Can you hear his 7 points?

1.    Overcome our fear of talking about religion

2.    Show genuine love to people

3.    ___________________ 

4.    Enter into their space

5.    Ask God, what is it going to take?

6.    Form true relationships

7.    ___________________

Consider hosting a friendsgiving this year.  Share the gospel through showing hospitality this Thanksgiving by inviting your neighbor, an international student, a French SKEMA Business school student, a single person, a newcomer, to your home, or invite yourself to their home – be vulnerable… and witness God at work.

Action Steps:

1.    Partner with the Global Training Initiative at N.C. State and host French SKEMA Business School students who are experiencing their first American Thanksgiving holiday and do not yet have plans.

2.    Partner with the International Ministry at Forest Hills and host an International Student who attends our English Classes.

3.    Partner with a Language Church, and host someone from The United African Baptist Church, Farsi Fellowship, Chinese Baptist Church, or Iglesia Bautista La Roca.

Contact to get connected.

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