The Power of Community


One of my favorite questions to ask people in this church, especially people who have been here longer than me, is "Why are you at Forest Hills?" People give me different answers, and there are many different reasons why people are a part of this community. But about 90% of the answers fall into one category. 

People don’t say that they’re at Forest Hills because we have the best programs. It's not because we have great staff. It’s not because it’s convenient; on the contrary, most of you drive a long way to attend here. People don’t tell me that they are at Forest Hills because of the preaching—I can almost guarantee you that no one is here because of the preaching!

What I hear 90% of the time is this: “I’m at Forest Hills because of the people.” When I ask you why you’re here, you usually tell me that it’s because of the relationships that you have. Often you tell me about a particular person that you connected with at Forest Hills. There are many stories about how this faith family sheltered you through a difficult time in your own life, and you can’t imagine connecting with anyone else in the same way. The existence of this church is a testament to the power of community.

This Sunday during our Season of Giving Thanks series, we’ll be reflecting on the communities that we find ourselves in. I’d encourage you to join us—we’ll take time to give thanks for the friends, family, and communities that we have, but we’ll also dive deeper into the true purpose of community. It’s an important step on our journey of thankfulness, and I hope you’ll share in that journey with your faith community!

Andrew Garnett, Minister for Serving Christ

Andrew Garnett, Minister for Serving Christ

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