Hosting Nagoya University Students –Bloom Where You are Planted

It has been said to bloom where you are planted, and yes, while our roots can be transported by wings and wheels, we are called to serve God wherever we are. 

Forest Hills is planted near a large neighbor, N.C. State University and the Ministry to Internationals has developed a strong relationship with the University over the years. We are welcomed back to the New Student Information Fair each semester where we share about the opportunity to worship, learn English, and serve at Forest Hills and our partnering churches, just up the street from north Campus. As a result, many students, scholars, and others come!

Since opening with the academic year in August 2016, our Wednesday English and Cultures classes have welcomed 118 people from 17 different countries. On Sunday mornings during our ESL Bible Classes, we welcomed 18 new students since January 2017! More than ten willing and wonderful church members and volunteers from Forest Hills have diligently prepared lessons, provided warm greetings, initiated friendly conversations, prayed, and have met physical and emotional needs of internationals from around the world.

Countries of Origin for those welcomed by the International Ministry thus far in 2017:

Two of these special church members are Tom and Vicki Hollowell, who recently hosted 3 Japanese students in their home, offering the opportunity to help with food preparation. These Graduate and Doctoral students from Nagoya University in Japan came to N.C. State to participate in a Global Training Initiative at NC State, a two-week intensive training program. In addition to lab shadowing, company site visits, and a variety of research workshops and projects, families like the Hollowells host students in their homes for an American Family Dinner.  With the Hollowells, not only did the students encounter an “American Family” but they also were welcomed with Christian hospitality and the graciousness love of God.

The Hollowells are serving the Lord by opening their home and welcoming international students through an opportunity provided by the International Ministry at Forest Hills. Thank God Almighty for planting and growing us each day and moment. 

How are you blooming for the Lord where you are planted? Join me in prayer and be sensitive to God’s response. He is at work!

Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. Romans 12:13

Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. Hebrews 13: 1

Prayer Opportunities

Please pray about and contact Jason if you are interested in joining

  1. Prayer Team for the International Ministry or
  2. Refugee Committee - Exploratory 
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