Seeing Jesus

A few years ago one of our cars reached the point to where it had very high mileage and was constantly needing repair. So I reluctantly started the process of researching an affordable car that would take its place.

After searching for just the right car, I began to notice how many other people drove that very same type of car. They were everywhere. Everywhere I would go, driving to work, taking the children to school, even just a quick trip to the grocery store, I would see that same type of car everywhere I went!

It’s amazing to me what we see when we’re looking for something and what we don’t see when we’re not. When we drive a particular type of car, we often notice how many other people do too.

There was a story a few years ago in the Washington Post about a violinist who played in a Metro station in DC. He played nonstop for 45 minutes. About six people stopped by to listen. After making around $32, he packed up and went home.

If you’ve ever been to Washington DC, then you know that it’s pretty common to see people playing instruments out on the street or in a train station. But what makes the story interesting is that the violinist’s name is Joshua Bell. He’s one of the most renowned violinists alive today selling out performances at an average price of around $100 per seat.

Who would expect such a well-known musician to play for free in a Metro station in DC?

In a similar way, shortly after Jesus’ resurrection, we are told that two of Jesus’ disciples were walking down a road that led to the small town of Emmaus. As they were walking, Jesus came and walked with them, he even struck up a conversation with them, but they did not realize who he was.

How often do we miss seeing what God is doing in our lives, in other people's’ lives, and all around us because we aren’t looking for it?

Now that we have celebrated Easter and Christ’s resurrection let’s remember to keep our eyes open and look for all the ways, big or small, that God is at work around us!

Lord, give us ears to hear and eyes to see. Amen!

Neil Westbrook, Senior Pastor

Neil Westbrook, Senior Pastor



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