A Prayer for College Graduates

 Over the coming weeks, colleges and universities across the nation will say so-long to scores of seniors who’ll be graduating. As they walk across the stage and receive their diplomas, they’ll be entering a world that’s chock full of challenges and opportunities. Whether you’re a senior who can’t wait for the big day, or a parent nervous about your child’s future, I hope you’ll join me in praying for our college graduates…

God, thank you for the gift of education. Thank you for all that you’ve allowed me to learn and experience over the past several years. As I look ahead to graduation, I’m filled with gratitude for Your love and guidance during this period in my life, and for the support and love I’ve received from countless friends, family members, and staff members at my college.

Lord, as I end this part of my journey, I have to confess that I’m a mixed bag of emotions. I’m excited about graduating and celebrating this achievement in my life. But Lord, I’m also grieving the loss of a community I’ve grown to know and love. I’m overwhelmed with the student debt that I’ve taken on and the competitive job market I’m about to enter. Regardless of whether or not I know what’s next for me, I’m praying for you to walk with me as I leave one phase of my life and enter another.  

Lord, as we walk together through what’s to come, give me the patience needed to wait for what You have in store for me. Give me the courage to meet new people and make friends wherever you’re calling me next. And reveal to me the calling You’ve placed on my life and provide me opportunities to take what I’ve learned and use it to help others.  

Finally, Lord, I pray for ears to listen for Your voice. I pray for eyes to see where You’re leading me next. I pray for feet that’ll carry me where You’re calling me to go and a heart to embrace what You’re calling me to do.  

May all that I am, and all that I’ve learned, be used for Your glory now and forever. AMEN.

Tyler Ward, Minster for Sharing Christ

Tyler Ward, Minster for Sharing Christ