A Life Group Testimonial

The first round of life groups at Forest Hills are wrapping up, and we'll soon open signups for groups beginning in September. Have you wondered what you've missed? Here's a testimonial from one participant:

"My name is Camilla, and I moved from Brazil to the USA 1.5 years ago to attend a PhD program at NCSU. I live here with my husband, and he is also a graduate student there. We have been participating in the contemporary worship since we arrived in Raleigh, and people at Forest Hills have welcomed us very well.

When I heard that the church was organizing life groups, I was pretty excited because it would be a great opportunity to deeply discuss and learn from the scriptures. It would also be a good way to meet new people and make new friends!

I am really enjoying the life group. Usually we discuss the same message that was shared in worship. This gives us opportunity to dive deeper in the message and think about how we can apply it in our everyday lives. Also, it is a moment that we can share and learn from the group experiences. One thing that I can highlight about our group is the willingness to listen and discuss different points of view about the message. I really believe the life group is an great opportunity to grow in faith and make us more active Christians. I will definitively participate in next ones!" 

Camilla Abbati

Camilla Abbati