Seeing God's Perfect Plan


So I had an incredible experience a few weeks ago. I was sitting in my preschool office getting close to the end of my Friday morning, when the doorbell rang. It was a family who had arrived for an unannounced tour. For those who do not know me, I like schedules and this was not in my plans for the day. Yet, I was able to quickly see that it was part of God's plan.

The family had just arrived from China three days earlier and were looking for a preschool for their three year old son. The three year old class happened to be the only class that still had an opening this late in the preschool year. I took the time to give them a tour and we were finishing up our tour on the children's playground. It was there that I asked the question, "So how did you hear about our preschool?" The answer, “Our friend's child is on your flyer." I walked over to our poster and pointed to the child responding "Do you mean Sunny?" The affirmative response was in the smile on their faces.

Through broken English, we were able to communicate that Sunny's parents had told them about our preschool when they returned to China in May 2017. This new family had arrived almost a year later. I shared with them that Sunny's teachers were Stephanie and Debbie who were on the playground with the three year old class during the time that we were outside. This brought comfort to the family to know that their son would have the same teachers as his friend, Sunny. The mother immediately requested that we take a picture for her to send back to Sunny's family. I have since found out that the picture was shared with Sunny who could still call each of us by name a year later.  I was "Ms. Carlur!"

Why do I ever doubt that I serve a God whose plans are perfect? He has taken a small preschool that started ten years ago through the vision of an incredible group of people and grown it. And now, He is using Connections Preschool to minister across the ocean. God helped a new family find their way to us and He continues to minister to Sunny's family who returned to China a year ago. God's plans are perfect. We just need to be willing to let Him work through us. I am thankful for how He is using Connections Preschool to connect to families near and far.

Carla Smith, Connections Preschool Director

Carla Smith, Connections Preschool Director

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