Praying For Our Youth in Honduras


As our youth and adults spend the week in Honduras, you can be involved in their work by showering them in prayer. Here are a few ways that you can be in prayer for them while they are on mission:

1. Pray that they will be flexible. Paul often experienced moments when his mission work did not go according to plan (Romans 15:22-24). Yet often these detours turned out to be opportunities for God to work (Acts 16:6-10). Pray that our youth will be flexible this week, and open to what God wants to accomplish through them.

2. Pray that they will be able to find where God is already working. One of the most remarkable truths that missionaries often discover is that God was already on the mission field before they arrived. In any place we go or any future we walk into, God is already there. Pray that our team would be sensitive to where God is already working, and that they would have the gracious humility to join God in that work.

3. Pray that they will do good and not harm. As books like When Helping Hurts have made clear, simply labeling something a “mission trip” does not magically make it beneficial. Sometimes, short-term mission work can do more harm than good. Pray that our youth and adults would be wise, be thoughtful in their actions, and leave a positive impact on those they meet.

4. Pray for the leaders and chaperones. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s a daunting task to organize an international trip…someone always gets sick, something always goes wrong, and there are many moments of worry and anxiety. Pray that the logistics will go smoothly, and that our leaders would be able to deal with whatever challenges arise.

5. Pray that our team—both youth and adults—would return changed. A team immersed in a foreign culture can only accomplish so much in one week. Often, the most lasting impacts from short-term mission trips happen in the lives of the missionaries themselves. Pray that our youth and adults would connect with God in a new way, and that they would be motivated to live differently once they are back in Raleigh.

Thanks for partnering in prayer for our team!

Andrew Garnett, Minister for Serving Christ

Andrew Garnett, Minister for Serving Christ