2018 Camp Forest Hills Update


Camp Forest Hills 2018 celebrated the last day of summer camp on Friday! Eight weeks of fun and friendship. Games like Find the Counselor and Sheep Tag. Experiences like holding earthworms and sliding in ketchup. Favorite activities like slip n slide and our version of a water slide. Learning that Jesus is always with us. Connecting with fellow campers and counselors.

Camp Forest Hills just completed its third year. Six counselors and seven leaders in training spent their entire summer building relationships with our campers who ranged from ages two to ten. Each day 15-30 campers would begin their day playing on the playground with most of our campers heading home after lunch at 1 pm. About one third of our campers would spend the entire day with us until 5:30 pm. Camp Forest Hills served 50 kids over the summer! Only 5 of those campers were Forest Hills families. 

God continues to grow this ministry through relationships. Parents would share about how much their campers loved camp. More often, they would share about how much the campers loved the staff. It was the relationships that kept the campers coming back to camp. Those relationships were not always the easiest. Kids are kids. There was hitting, there was whining, there was crying , there was yelling (on a daily basis). Our staff demonstrated love, patience and kindness. Could not think of a better example of Christ. Our hope is that through Camp Forest Hills and the staff that our campers caught a glimpse of Jesus Christ who loves us with even a deeper love.

Please continue to pray for Camp Forest Hills and its ministry to our young neighbors. Looking forward to what God has in store for 2019.

Carla Smith, Connections Preschool Director

Carla Smith, Connections Preschool Director

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