Preparing for Honduras


In just two weeks, I’ll be traveling to Tela, Honduras with 10 others from our church. This is my third trip with Living Water International, which exists to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water and to experience living water- the gospel of Jesus Christ, which alone satisfies the deepest thirst. The community we will help understands the benefits of clean water to their village. How viral sickness will decrease and overall health will increase. Children will be healthy enough to attend school regularly. Their walk to get to water will be greatly decreased. They are excited.

Our team will be working with the locals who are experienced well drillers. We will assist in repairing an existing well or digging a new well. With an interpretation, we will teach the women and children Bible stories and hygiene lessons.

This will be an open-air setting. A couple of years they cleaned out a large chicken coup for us to use! It will be a vacation Bible school type of environment. We will open with a Bible story and a craft. This is when we get to use the supplies that you have so generously donated; glue, paper, crayons, play dough, yarn, stickers, and more. We will play with the children using jump ropes, frisbees, soccer balls, and bubbles. OUr hygiene lessons will include proper hand washing and teeth brushing lessons. That’s when we’ll share the soap, toothpaste, and tooth brushes with out students. You see- if you’ve never had clean water, you don’t really know the correct way to use it and stay healthy.

While we are there, we will walk thru the community praying with individuals sharing the love of Jesus Christ. We will pass out Bibles and really try to make the connection that a relationship with Christ provides the real Living Water.

Please pray for the village as they are preparing for us and open their hearts. Please also pray for us as we leave our families and travel Feb 3- Feb 9. Pray for our patience and flexibility.

Things there aren’t quite as efficient as we are used to in the states, so pray that we will be able to really focus on relationships and showing God’s love. Out time in the village will close with a well dedication service. At this time the community commits to the responsibilities of their new well and using the skills they’ve been taught. Please continue to bring in your donated supplies- thank you. And when you use your facet inside your house remember our team and the village that we have the privilege to serve.

-Shannon Bellamy, Honduras Team

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