I Have Two Questions For You...


Last Sunday in worship, we read a scripture that might be familiar to many churchgoers. In John 14:6, Jesus says, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Jesus says that these three aspects are all ways that he connects us to God the Father. In traditional worship, we structured the entire service around those three claims of Jesus—Jesus as the way, Jesus as truth, and Jesus as life. We challenged worshipers to examine their lives to see how they had encountered Jesus in each of those aspects. For example, how have you walked in the way of Jesus this week, and how has walking in that way connected you to God the Father?

One of my favorite parts of worship came when we set up four microphones and asked the congregation two questions: “First, how have you experienced the Truth of who Jesus is this week? Second, how has that Truth connected you to the Father?” Then we invited people to share.

People shared experiences like…

  • Seeing Christ’s presence in the care of a church family

  • Finding strength in a time of transition and change

  • Reflecting on a sunrise, looking forward to the sunrise on Easter morning, and thinking about what Jesus did to connect us to God

  • Facing a difficult week, and remembering Jesus words in John 14:1 to “Let not your hearts be troubled”


I was struck by the way in which the reality of Jesus can affect our lives in specific ways. What people shared in worship was very much in keeping with what Jesus himself says in John 14. Jesus gives three descriptions of himself as Way, Truth, and Life. But those are not three abstract, philosophical truths—they are three truths that anchor us to God the Father. Before he gave those three self-identification in John 14, Jesus spoke about a connection to the Father; and immediately after he gave those three identifications, Jesus said that they were the link to the Father. These three aspects of Christ’s identity find their meaning when they connect us to God the Father.

I’d challenge you to ask yourself those two questions from worship this week.

First, how have you experienced the Truth of who Jesus is this week?

Second, how has that Truth connected you to the Father?

Take some time to mull over them each day, and see what answers emerge for you. If you’re not able to identify ways that you feel more connected to God through these three self-identifications of Christ, what might you adjust in your life to walk in the way, stand in the truth, and grow in the life of Christ?

—Andrew Garnett
Minister for Serving Christ