Helping to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of children
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Jesus pointed to children to illustrate the kind of faith acceptable to God. From the youngest infants to fifth graders, Forest Hills is committed to providing an environment which nurtures faith, values children, and meets the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of boys and girls. Our children's ministry strives to offer formational programs, like Sunday School and missions education, that engage children in the life of the church. We also seek to be a resource for parents, recognizing that they are the primary figures who raise and shape their children

Our programs for children include:
  • Sunday School, where children are taught by both men and women who take seriously their commitment to children. Our classes all have regular teachers (not a rotation system), so children are able to build a relationship and feel comfortable with their teachers.

  • Missions classes, where we learn about those who share God's love. We also engage in hands-on mission activities.

  • Children's choir, which prepares boys and girls to lead worship through musical knowledge and training.

  • Retreats, mission weeks, and weekend events

  • Art classes

  • Trunk-or-Treat

  • Social events for families

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Safety and Security Policies
Providing a safe and secure environment for children is a priority of Forest Hills. Our security measures include:
  • Background checks and appropriate screening for all volunteers & staff.

  • Preschool children receive a numbered nametag on arrival; each parent receives a corresponding number, which must be presented to nursery workers at pickup.

  • One or more individuals on security who actively walk the building to check on classes.

  • CPR training for key staff & volunteers.