Did you miss the conference? Check out the material below. For a complete minutes, contact the church office.

1. Call to Order Tom Revak, Deacon Chair

2. New Business

2019 Budget Prep                              A. Tom Revak

Next Generation Focus                     B. Tom Revak

Group Learnings  

“Growing Young” Update                 C. Andrew Garnett,Minister for Serving Christ

Changes Being Considered             D. Tom Revak

PPYC Changes                                  E. Andrew Garnett


3. Important Upcoming Dates           Tom Revak

4. Approval of Minutes – 2/18/2018  Graham Spencer

5. New Members /                             Graham Spencer

Granting of Letters

6. Treasurer’s Report                         Buck Goode, Treasurer

7. Committee Reports                        Committee Chairs

(Committee discretion)

8. Council Reports                             Council Chairs

(Council discretion)

9. Adjournment                                   Tom Revak