Communication Requests

When communicating events to the church, we categorize them into three different categories. If you would like to have your event marketed through the church, please identify which category it falls into, and fill out the corresponding communications request form.

All event requests are due 4 weeks before the event. 4 weeks of marketing is required for sufficient promotion. 

High Emphasis

We ask three questions to determine whether an initiative receives high emphasis:

1. Is this initiative a way for attenders for respond to a recent teaching from the pulpit?

2. Is this an initiative that we can expect to draw more than 50% of our congregation to participate?

3. Is this a front-door initiative that helps newcomers to take a first step of faith?


If it meets at least on criterion, it receives high emphasis. High emphasis initiative require a meeting with Kate. Please schedule a meeting with her to discuss implementing the high emphasis marketing. 

Examples of high emphasis initiatives:

Serve Blitz Day (1, 2, 3)

Harvest Sunday (1, 2, 3)

Breaking Bread (3)

Trunk or Treat (2, 3)

Christmas, Easter (1,2,3)

Easter Egg Hunt (2, 3)

Medium Emphasis

If the initiative doesn't fit into high emphasis, we ask three questions to determine whether it receives medium emphasis. 

1, Does the initiative support or feed into a high-emphasis initiative?

2. Does this initiative develop leaders?

3. Is it a ministry-sponsored initiative that is likely to reach a significant number of seekers and introduce them to Christ? (may need team verification)

4. Is this initiative a public celebration of life change through Jesus?

Examples of medium emphasis events:

Silver Compassion (2)

Youth Retreat (3)

Operation Christmas Child (2)


Please fill out the Medium Emphasis Initiative Request form:

Event Contact Person *
Event Contact Person
Phone *
Event Details
Date of Event
Date of Event
We like to publicize events 4 weeks in advance, and with different mediums. Please fill out all that apply, Including the date, time and location of your event in the announcement.
Check all that are needed for this event:
I understand that the deadline for newsletter announcements is the 10th and the 25th of each month, and the deadline for bulletin announcements is the Monday before the Sunday an announcement runs. I understand that failure to meet these deadlines results in the announcement being postponed to the next available newsletter/bulletin *

Light Emphasis 

All other initiatives receive light emphasis. 

Examples of Light Emphasis Initiatives:

"Insider Initiatives"

Men's Breakfast

Opportunities to serve

Caregiver Support Group

Women's Bible Study

Boyscout Events

Please fill out the Light Emphasis Initiative Request Form:

Contact name *
Contact name
Phone *