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Quilts tell a story.

Some are family heirlooms, some are a reminder of a special occasion, and some tell of a life well-lived. Each quilt is a unique and prized possession.


We want to celebrate the reopening of our church with a display of these timeless treasures. Do you have any quilts hidden away in a closet, cedar chest, or covering a bed? We would love for you to share your quilts with us to display in our church’s sanctuary! 

Entries may be brought to the Gathering Place at Forest Hills Baptist Church on the following dates: 

  • Friday, April 23, 10am-3pm 
  • Sunday, April 25, 1pm-3pm 
  • Tuesday, April 27, 4pm-8pm 

or delivered to a member of the Grateful Threads Quilting Group. (If you are unable to deliver your quilt, please contact a member of the Grateful Threads and we will arrange to pick up your quilt.)  Please do not mail your quilts. 

Your quilts are precious to us and we will take all precautions to make sure they are safe. (They will be locked in the church office until they are displayed in the sanctuary. Access will be restricted while the quilts are in our care.) We will be in the sanctuary during the exhibit to keep an eye on the quilts. With this in mind please understand that we cannot be held liable if your quilts are damaged, lost or stolen. If your quilts are delicate or valuable you may not want to loan them to FHBC for this exhibit.  

When you drop off your quilt you will be asked to fill out and sign the entry form. Your quilt will be assigned a number. You, your quilt and your number will be photographed for our record keeping and to assure that your quilt makes it back to you after the exhibit. If you would like to have the form emailed or mailed to you ahead of time please contact a member of the Grateful Threads and we will send one to you. You quilts will be displayed in our sanctuary during our worship time at 11:00am.

Contact us if you have any questions:

After the exhibit you may pick up your quilt(s) on the following dates: 

  • Monday, May 3, 10am-2pm 
  • Tuesday, May 4, 4-8pm  

We look forward to seeing your amazing quilts! Thank you for sharing them with FHBC and our community! 


Please print out the entry form and bring it with you as you drop off your quilt!