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Volunteer Opportunities and Descriptions

Outdoor Greeter (2 People Each Week)

  • Stand on the outside of the Fellowship Hall doors which fact the parking lot. 
  • Open the door for all who enter. 
  • Make eye contact, smile, and say, "Welcome to Forest Hills!"

Indoor Greeter (1 Person Each Week)

  • Stand at the portable desk which will be located in the Fellowship Hall lobby area. 
  • Greet people as they enter the building. 
  • Direct people to where they need to go (contemporary worship, traditional worship, etc.).

Kid's Table (2 People Each Week) 

  • Stand at the Kid's Table in the Fellowship Hall. 
  • Distribute kids bags. 
  • Check-in families seeking Worship Care (for children ages 0-4). 
  • One of the volunteers at this table will always remain at the table. The other volunteer will be a runner who leads families to our Worship Care room off of the Sanctuary where they will able to drop off their children. 

Next Step's Table (2 People Each Week)

  • Stand at the Next Steps Table located in the back of the Fellowship Hall. 
  • Before worship, greet those who enter the Fellowship Hall and encourage (don't force) each person to fill out and wear a name tag (this is for everybody, not just guests!). 
  • During worship, one of the volunteers for this table will need to record the attendance for worship that day. 
  • Following worship, hand out guest bags, collect guest information, and assist with other sign-ups as needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Can Volunteer? Anybody 11 and up can volunteer to serve as an Outdoor or Indoor Greeter. However, those volunteering at our Next Steps Table or Kid's Table will need to be 18 or older. 

How Often Will I Need to Help? Based on the volunteer positions you're open to filling in our Guest Relations ministry, you'll be selected to serve either once or twice a month depending on the availability of other volunteers. You will NOT be asked to serve more than twice a month. We value your willingness to serve, but we don't want you to get burned out. 

How Will I Know What to Do? After you register online, we'll schedule a training session and send along a training manual so that you'll know what to do.