I'm feeling like a "stuff" magnet these days. We've had our house in Hickory for sale for most of the last three years. Finally we got a contract offer and accepted it.

Closing day is approaching. We've got to pack up and get all of our belongings out sooner rather than later. As I've mentioned to some of you, I feel somewhat like a dog chasing a car. We've "caught" it. Now what are we going to do with it? What are we going to do with all the "stuff" we've accumulated? How much do we really want to keep? If we've kept it for the last two or three moves but haven't used it, is it high time to let it go? We are going to have to store everything for some time until we make a decision as to where we want to live long term.

Quite honestly I've been experiencing some stress over "too much." That's a first world problem, isn't it? What can we give to our daughters, donate, sell, throw away? How much do we really want to store? How much to keep? Where's Thanksgiving in all of this?

Then, the telephone call came Sunday evening. It was our younger daughter and only granddaughter on the way back to Columbia, SC from their trip to Hickory to help Dianne pack up the house. "There's a wreck ahead. All three lanes of traffic are at a complete standstill. No one is moving."

Suddenly all the "stuff" was utterly insignificant. "Thank you, Lord, that they are stuck back in traffic and not a part of that horrible wreck." Thanksgiving appeared immediately!

I pray that you and your family will experience deep gratitude every day. Life is such a gift. May we live generous, love-filled lives for the sake of God's kingdom.