A Message to the Congregation


July 22, 2016


Contact: Dr. Neil Westbrook

Senior Pastor, Forest Hills Baptist Church

Phone: 919-828-6161

Email: neil@foresthills.org


RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA - Forest Hills Baptist Church is informed that Contemporary Worship Director Kyle Scobie has been charged with second-degree exploitation of a minor.  Forest Hills recognizes the serious nature of these charges, and will continue to cooperate with the appropriate authorities.  In accordance with church procedures, Mr. Scobie's employment status with the church is under review at this time.  Forest Hills will conduct a thorough internal investigation and take appropriate action.  

Mr. Scobie has been employed with the church since November 2014.  Before Mr. Scobie was hired, the church's standard hiring processes were followed, including background and reference checks.  During his employment, Mr. Scobie had no direct oversight or individual interaction with children or youth at the church.  Based on the police report, the charges did not involve any children or youth at the church.

Forest Hills is deeply committed to the safety of everyone who participates in church activities, especially children and youth, as reflected in policies and procedures adopted by the church.  The security and protection of the Forest Hills church family and our community remains our priority.  Forest Hills extends its prayers to all of those impacted by these charges.

Kate Weaver