Where can you go and find a community of people who care about you, just because you are you? Where can people who are completely different in age, occupation, politics, and worldview all sit together and have honest conversation? Where can you go where no wants to sell you anything, and you don't have to pay anything in order to be there? Where can you go and share the deepest concerns of your heart?

There is only one place in the world that meets those criteria—and that place is the church. We're excited to be offering you a space to build those relationships and dive deeper together in our church; it's called Forest Hills life groups.

What is a life group?

A life-group is a group of people who commit to meet with one another weekly to share in one another’s lives, to dive deeper into the scriptures, and to work out our faith together. A life group isn’t a Bible study (though we’ll be reading the Bible and really wrestling with a biblical passage each week), and a life group isn’t a Sunday School class by a different name. A life group is simply a chance to truly share life together, to be real with one another, and take our faith to the next level.

What will a life group do each week?

Each week we’ll take some time to hang out and get to know each other, and to hear what’s going on in each other’s lives. We’ll have some time to pray together and pray for one another. Then we’ll dive deeper into the sermon passage from the contemporary worship service. You aren't required to do any study or homework beforehand, and you don't have to attend contemporary worship in order to participate. All you need to do is to be willing to engage with the group around our weekly questions. Sample questions might include:

  1. What did you find hopeful about the text?
  2. What did you find troubling or confusing about the text?
  3. What is the text teaching us about Jesus?
  4. What is the text teaching us about ourselves?
  5. Where is the Gospel in the text and how does it change you?


Join a Life Group!

Name                                       Location                          Time                                 Focus

Davis                                                           Cary                                                7:00 pm Mondays                           Intergenerational, Co-ed

Cochran                                                      Raleigh                                            7:00 pm 2nd/4th Thursdays           Intergenerational, Co-ed

College                                                       At Church, S308                              9:45 am Sundays                            18-22, Co-ed

Scott                                                           NW Raleigh                                      4:00 pm Sundays                            Intergenerational, Co-ed

Dorne/Foley                                               NE Raleigh                                       4:30 pm Sundays                             20s-40s, Co-ed

Intergenerational Women                         At Church, E262                               9:45 am Sundays                            Intergenerational, Women

Spell                                                           At Church, the Attic                          6:00 pm Sundays                            12-18, Co-ed


Can't Join a Life Group? Join a Sunday School Class!

Name                                       Location                           Time                                  Focus

Bowers                                                        At Church, E351                                9:45 am Sundays                            50s-60s, Co-ed

Celia- Middleton                                         At Church, E263                                9:45 am Sundays                             60s-70s, Women

George Ake                                                At Church, E250                                 9:45 am Sundays                             Intergenerational, Men   

Harmony- Fidelis                                        At Church, E264                                  9:45 am Sundays                              70s+, Women

Intergenerational Co-Ed                             At Church, S304                                  9:45 am Sundays                              Intergenerational, Co-Ed

Journeyers                                                  At Church, E350                                   9:45 am Sundays                              40s-50s, Co-ed

New Life                                                      At Church, S301                                    9:45 am Sundays                              Young Pros, Co-ed

Next to Heaven                                           At Church, E251                                  9:45 am Sundays                                70s+, Co-ed

Nurturing Faith                                            At Church, E349                               9:45 am Sundays                                  50s-60s, Co-ed

OD Martin                                                    At Church, E262                                   9:45 am Sundays                               60s-70s, Men   

Samaritan-Victory                                       At Church, E261                                    9:45 am Sundays                               70s+, Co-ed

Transformers                                              At Church, S302                                    9:45 am Sundays                               Intergenerational, Co-ed

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