The Forest Hills Story


Since our beginning in 1945, we've been a diverse community committed to seeking, serving, and sharing christ!

On the first Sunday in August, 1945, a group of neighbors gathered at Fred Olds Elementary School and formed Forest Hills. This was a moment that had been prayed about for many months in advance, as people in this growing section of Raleigh had been feeling God calling them to begin a church that would minister to the needs of a growing city and region.

Since that first Sunday in 1945, men and women from literally all over the world have found their way to Forest Hills and have joined God in the work of being His Church. In those past 70 years, God has blessed our church family by allowing us to minister in many non-traditional ways.

Uniquely positioned near NCSU and Meredith College, our church has a long history of welcoming and ministering to college students. On any given Sunday, you're liable to meet scores of adults who once came through our college ministry! In addition, as our region as become more diverse, we've been blessed to have wonderful relationships with our international community and have partnered with the Chinese Baptist Church, United African Baptist Church, and Farsi Fellowship for many years.

Apart from our commitment to our collegiate and international neighbors, Forest Hills has also been dedicated to our home neighborhood here in West Raleigh. Originally a collard patch along the corner of Dixie Trail and Clark Avenue, our church campus has grown over the years to meet the needs of our church family and to provide a community hub for neighbors, students, and more.

Like any community of faith, the story of Forest Hills is ultimately the story of our people. Our brothers and sisters didn't all take the same route to get to Forest Hills, but we're glad they're here. Connections made through this church have sparked romances, cultivated life-long friendships, and created networks of support during tough times. But above all else, the fellowship at Forest Hills has resulted in people growing deeper in their relationship with Christ.

Unlike many other stories, the story of Forest Hills is still being written. We've come a long way through many triumphs and tragedies...but God's not done with us yet! We're looking forward with anticipation to the stories that have yet to be told and lived through our church going forward!