Sanctuary Lights Capital Campaign
March 1 - May 31

Please join us in supporting our Let There Be Light!: Sanctuary Lights Capital Campaign from March 1 - May 31. Our goal is to raise $124,700 in order to replace our current Sanctuary lighting system, which is outdated and cannot be repaired. Donations of any size are appreciated and will help us get closer and closer to meeting our goal! If you’d like to donate towards this campaign, please include “Sanctuary Lights” in the memo of your gift. You can also give online at

In Genesis 1:3, we hear God’s voice echoing across the expanse of all creation when He declares, “Let there be light.” At this moment, a world covered in darkness was suddenly bathed in glorious light. Such light allowed plants to grow and life to thrive. It allowed men and women to see the image of God in one another. Light is a gift that allows us to see God’s blessings and praise Him accordingly. 

Forest Hills has been immeasurably blessed by God over the past 77 years, and His light is still shining on us today. However, in order to keep our lights shining for Christ, we’re going to need your help over the coming months. Here’s what’s going on and how you can help. 

The lighting control panel in the Sanctuary is approximately 35 years old. Because of the age of this equipment, vendors and manufacturers no longer produce light bulbs and circuits compatible with our current system. In recent years, dedicated professionals and technicians have gone to great lengths to prolong the life of our current system, but they are no longer able to do so. 

As it stands, a number of lights in the Sanctuary have already failed and many more will continue to do so until our current lighting system is replaced. There are simply no more short-term solutions that we can provide for this long-term problem. 

The complexities associated with this work are such that only two vendors provided quotes for replacing and upgrading our lighting system in the Sanctuary. We estimate that removing our current equipment and installing a new lighting system for the Sanctuary will cost roughly $124,700. Again, this work impacts our lighting system and not the light fixtures themselves. The recessed lighting and chandeliers in the Sanctuary will not be removed or replaced. 

This is a large, complex, and immediate need for our church but it is one that we must meet. While this is a facilities upgrade, it is an upgrade that nonetheless impacts the worship life and outreach potential of our congregation. 

Not only does the Sanctuary host weekly worship services, but it provides sacred space for families and friends to grieve loved ones and celebrate new marriages. It provides a place of quiet contemplation for those who come seeking prayer and silence during the week. It is a place where people of all races, ages, and ethnicities come together throughout the year for Mosaic worship services. It is a place which welcomes guests, community members, and families from Fred Olds Elementary School. 

The Sanctuary serves too great a purpose for us to neglect it in its hour of need. God has blessed us with facilities through which to glorify and praise His name. Being good stewards of these blessings allows us to be a blessing to others through the services, ministries, and events that we host as a church. 

From March 1 - May 31, we’re asking every member of the Forest Hills family to prayerfully consider giving a sacrificial gift above and beyond their usual tithes and offerings in order to meet this need. Gifts of any amount are appreciated and will help us get closer and closer to meeting our goal! 

As we reflect on the magnitude of this need, we find ourselves thankful for your steadfast faithfulness and continued financial support towards Forest Hills. Please make this capital campaign a matter of prayer in your family as you consider how much God is calling you to give.