When will weekly, indoor, in-person worship services resume?

Worship services will resume on Sunday, 5/2, at 11:00am.

Will we have one worship service or two?

Both our weekly Traditional and Contemporary worship services will resume on 5/2. Traditional worship is held in the Sanctuary and Contemporary worship is held in the Fellowship Hall. 

Will we continue to live-stream our worship services online and by phone?

Live-stream services on Facebook, YouTube, and by phone (844-670-8987) will continue each Sunday at 11:00am even after we return to indoor worship.

What service will be live-streamed on Sunday mornings?

Starting on Sun, 5/2, what's available online, and by phone, will be a live-stream of our Contemporary worship service. We are working on adding a live-stream of our Traditional worship service from the Sanctuary, but it will not be ready when we return to worship on 5/2.

What else is happening on Sundays?

For the time being, worship will be the only opportunity we will be providing on Sunday mornings. We are working on resuming worship care in June and are planning to resume in-person Sunday School classes in late summer or early fall. As always, these plans are subject to change and more details will be announced the closer we get to these target dates.  

What health and safety measures will be in place when we reopen?

  1. As you enter, please sign-in with one of our volunteers so that we can take attendance. This is so that we can contact attendees in the event of an exposure to COVID-19.  
  2. Hand sanitizer stations will be readily available at each entry and exit point.    
  3. Everyone attending worship will be required to wear a face mask while inside the church building. Children under the age of 5 and those with a medical exemption are not subject to this mandate.
  4. Please refrain from physical contact with anybody not in your household (hugs, handshakes, etc.).
  5. Certain pews in the Sanctuary will be closed off and additional rows of chairs will be available in the Fellowship Hall to allow for adequate social distancing. 
  6. If sitting on a shared pew or row with others not in your household, we encourage you to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others.  
  7. We will not be passing the plate to collect our weekly offering. Either as you enter, or as you leave, please deposit your tithes and offerings into one of our secure tithes and offerings boxes in the Vestibule and Fellowship Hall.
  8. Masked, congregational singing will be allowed. Worship leaders will only be unmasked while leading from the platform area.  

How long will these health and safety measures be in place?

As we resume in-person worship, we will be constantly reevaluating these health and safety measures. Depending on guidance from state and federal health officials, these measures may be enhanced, or loosened, as we move through the summer months. 

When shouldn't I come for worship? 

If you, or someone in your household, has a confirmed case of COVID-19, or is displaying symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19, do not come to in-person worship.  

I'm not sure whether to attend or stay at home. What should I do?

We know that not being able to worship together over the past year has been difficult. Some of you may have wished that we opened our doors sooner than this. Others may still wish for us to wait just a little while longer. No matter where you’re at, it’s OK for you to feel the way that you do. This pandemic has upended so much about our lives and our expectations for this church.  

Nevertheless, we are confident that we can reopen for worship safely and responsibly and that we will have enough people to volunteer and attend to make doing so worthwhile. If you are ready and willing to return, we look forward to welcoming you back in May. If you are not ready, we support your decision and hope that you’ll continue joining us for worship online, or by phone, for the time being.

Are other events and gatherings allowed at the church?

Yes! While we're not ready to resume other Sunday opportunities just yet, other events and gatherings can be held at the church, so long as they abide by the following:

  1. All indoor and outdoor events/gatherings must be scheduled in advance with the church office. 
  2. Indoor events have a maximum capacity of 50 people.
  3. Outdoor events have a maximum capacity of 100 people.
  4. Larger, church-wide event events and gatherings (such as worship, work days, etc.) are not subject to these attendance restrictions.
  5. Events cannot include food for sharing at this time. 
  6. If inside, masks must be worn at all times.