In response to recent changes announced by state and federal health officials, there will be numerous changes to how we gather, grow, and worship together during the summer. Please pay attention to when certain changes will be taking place and how they may affect your family, especially on Sunday mornings.

Effective June 1:

  • Masks will no longer be required inside the church building but are strongly encouraged for those who are unvaccinated or have other health considerations. We continue to support and affirm those who wish to continue wearing masks, no matter the reason. 

  • Sunday School classes for our children (including infants and toddlers) and youth will resume at their normal time of 9:30am. Due to the size of our classrooms, we are still requiring children and youth, along with their teachers, to wear masks for the time being. Children 5 and under are exempt from wearing masks during their Sunday School classes. 

  • Worship Care (birth thru Pre-K) will resume in the hallway behind the Sanctuary. Check-in for Worship Care begins at 10:45am. Snacks for children participating in Worship Care will not be provided for the time being. Parents are encouraged to send snacks and beverages with their child. 

  • Several adult classes have already resumed meeting inside the church on Sunday mornings. We welcome back any and all adult classes yet understand that some classes and members may still wish to refrain from doing so at this time. 

Effective July 1:

  • All pews in the Sanctuary will be open and the rows of chairs in the Fellowship Hall will be moved closer together than they are now. 

  • We will no longer be taking attendance prior to the beginning of worship.

  • Outdoor events and gatherings can now provide food and beverages for sharing. 

Effective August 1:

  • We will resume passing the plate in worship to collect our weekly tithes and offerings. 

  • Indoor events and gatherings can now provide food and beverages for sharing. 

While some may still feel wary about coming back to participate in our community life, please know that we are basing our decisions on the best science and facts available to us at this time. If you are not ready to return to in-person gatherings yet, please know that we support your decision and hope that you'll continue joining us for worship online, or by phone, for the time being. 

These positive developments have been made possible by the increasing number of people in our country, community, and church who have received a safe and effective vaccine in recent months. If you're eligible to receive a shot, we encourage you to do so. If you have any questions or concerns about the vaccine, please consult your primary care physician.