Serving with Forest Hills

Ministry teams are the heart of Forest Hills. These ministry teams are active, passionate, multi-member collaborations; teams form when members see a need and organize to meet it. A number of ministry teams exist to serve within our church. To learn more or get involved, contact Andrew Garnett (

  1. Coffee & Crafts: This group creates crafts and projects for the Forest Hills family and the community at large. Team leader is Beverly Edwards.
  2. Needles & Prayer: This team knits and crochets prayer shawls and other needed items. Team leader is Mary Anderson.
  3. Benevolence: This team provides selective emergency financial assistance. Team leader is Rogers Farr.
  4. Bereavement: This team ministers to grieving family members by providing a family meal on the day of the funeral service. Team leader is Beverly Edwards.
  5. In-Crowd: This teams cares for members of our church who can't leave their homes as often as they would like. Team leader is Graham Spencer.
  6. Forest Hills Library: The library team provides books and media for children and adults. Team leader is Sue Farr.
  7. Breaking Bread: This ministry creates rotating monthly dinner groups, offering our members the opportunity to meet new people and build deeper relationships. Team leader is Derek Graham.
  8. Retreats: A team organizes retreats to help us deepen relationships with one another and grow spiritually. Team leader is Derek Graham.
  9. Hospitality: Meals cooked in the FHBC kitchen give us the chance to meet new people, build relationships, and serve each other around the table. Team leader is Jane Revak.
  10. Children's Ministry: Our children's ministry team plans, organizes, and leads the children's ministry of Forest Hills. 
  11. Youth Ministry: The youth ministry team plans, organizes, and leads the youth ministry of Forest Hills. 
  12. Adult Ministry: This team plans programs and activities for adults age 55+. Team leaders are John and Dora Cornwell.
  13. Men's Ministry: The men's ministry team plans Bible studies, service project, and fellowship events for the men of Forest Hills. Team leader is Larry Hancock.
  14. Children's Essentials: This team provides direct, emergency assistance for basic children's necessities such as cribs, clothing, strollers, and diapers. Team leader is Sandra Haskins.
  15. Habitat for Humanity: This team provides opportunities for church members to participate in the work of the local Habitat for Humanity chapter – building homes in the Triangle area for needy families. Team leader is Kevin Bellamy.
  16. Boy Scout Troop 207: The purpose of the scout team is to support and encourage youth in moral and leadership development through scouting programs. Leaders are Rudy Shaw and Archie Futrell.
  17. Operation Christmas Child: This team organizes an Operation Christmas Child donation drive, sending shoeboxes filled with Christmas gifts to children around the world. Team leader is Cheryl Hibbs.
  18. Pinewood Derby:  At the pinewood derby, racers of all ages create cars for competition and fellowship. Team leaders are Curtis Weaver and Bill Gentry.
  19. Rex Rehabilitation Ministry. Provide a brief, informal worship service for patients at Rex Rehab. Team leader is Bennie Goetze.