Infants- 5th Door*

Ones “Creeper Crowlers”- 4th Door*

Two A- 3rd Door*

Two B- 2nd Door*

Threes & Fours- 1st Door*

Kindergarden- 2nd Grade- E153

3rd & 4th Grade- E150

5th Grade- E151


* Down the Children’s Hallway behind the sanctuary

Contact: Andrew Garnett

Youth- The Attic

6th-E343 Bill Gentry & Pattie Blowers

7th/8th- E344 Parker Flowers & 

Pam Rusnak

9th/10th- E347 Paul Smith & 

John Graham 


11th/12th- E300 Carla Smith, Gavin &Haley Spell


The George Ake Class-  E250

An intergenerational men’s class that follows an unstructured approach to the study of the Bible, with an emphasis on application to our daily lives. We have several members who serve as discussion leaders and we set no timeframe for the completion of a study, encouraging thorough and practical interpretation.

Teachers: Alex Holmes, Duff Freeman

Intergenerational Women-  E260

This class is a Bible study group for women of ALL ages. This encouraging and active group of women enjoy a group discussion approach to Bible study. Our intergenerational age range offers a great depth to our class’s life application lessons! Christian women mentor, encourage, and nurture one another as we each seek God’s will in our lives. We invite you to join us!

Teachers: Lisa Berwyn & Terri Green

Intergenerational Co-ed-  S302

The Intergeneration Co-Ed class is made up of couples and singles of all ages. The Bible is our study book, but we also use outside references and commentaries to complement our study. Life application of scripture is a major emphasis in our class and we enjoy times of fun and fellowship outside of Sunday mornings as well. 

We welcome anyone to join our group.

Coordinator: Eric McDonald

Transformers-  S304

The Transformers class is an intergenerational class open to men and women; married and singles; and people of all ages. We have 10 to 15 active members. In our Bible study time, we focus on one book or concept from the Bible for several weeks; however, our discussion format allows for visitors and new members to easily add to the group.

Teacher: Suzie Goodell

New Life-  S301

A diverse group of young adults (single & married, with & without children) seeking a greater understanding of God’s Word & His call for our lives. We enjoy discussion oriented SS classes with practical applications to our everyday lives. We gather for further fellowship, service, & discipleship outside of just Sunday mornings, including meals together, beach trips, serving together, & more.  

Teachers: Terry & Susan Wray

College- s308

We’re a co-ed class for college age people whether they’re in college or not. Meets weekly from August-May, taking the summers off. Breakfast is provided each week!

Teachers: Michael and Elizabeth Murray

Journeyers-  350

The Journeyers class is made up of couples and singles, mostly in their 40’s and 50’s. Studies may focus on a particular book of the Bible or something more topical in nature....always with an emphasis on application to our daily lives. We gather socially outside the walls of the church building to develop relationships among class members and welcome visitors.

Teacher: Brad Hibbs

Bowers- E346

Our class is comprised mainly of married couples that enjoy discussion oriented Bible study on Sunday mornings.  We get together a few times a year for various social outings.  We welcome any visitors to join our group.

Teacher: Crowell Bowers


The Boyd Class is a class of mostly adult couples ages 50s and 60s who enjoy fellowship, Bible Study and open discussion. We have social outings including game nights. We love visitors and hope you will join us.

Teacher: Leslie Boyd.

Celia- Middleton- E264

The Celia Middleton Class is made up of ladies in their 60’s and 70’s. There is a mix of those who are married and those who are single. The studies are scripture based. We would welcome new members. 

Teachers: Donna Nye & Betty Neal

O.D. Martin-  262

The O.D. Martin Class is made up of men in their 60’s and 70’s. They enjoy fellowship with one another as well as Bible study and discussion with one another. We would welcome new members. 

Teachers: Richard Godwin & Ray Tucker

Harmony- Fidelis- E264

Harmony-Fidelis is an all ladies class with about 25-30 active members. We enjoy being open to discussion, & we continue to enjoy each other’s company as we go out to lunch and take trips away from Raleigh a couple of times a month. We love to have visitors & welcome new members.

Teachers: Frances Hockaday & 

Pat Maddox

Willing Workers-  E251

Willing Workers is an all mens class in their 70’s plus. We enjoy the fellowship of others in the class with COFFEE and the Bible study and discussion of each member. We welcome any new members. 

Teachers:Fred Hockaday & Pete Patterson

The Gleaners-  E253

The Gleaners Class is a co-ed class of senior adults, who enjoy fellowship, Bible Study, and discussion, along with occasional social outings. We welcome any new members.

Teachers: A. G. Bullard, Martha Harrell, & Tom Johnson

Samaritan-Victory-  E261

The Samaritan-Victory class is comprised of seniors, mostly women with a few men. We love the Lord, enjoy studying His Word, and take care of each other by visits or phone calls. We stay in touch with one another and would welcome any new members.

Teachers: Hope Christian & Charles Sloan