Administration & Support

The purpose of the Administration & Support Ministry is to ensure that through God's direction, FHBC has the personnel, lay leaders, facilities, budget infrastructure, and essential operating guidelines that allow our ministers and ministry teams to carry out various worship, outreach, missions and evangelism ministries. We manage our church's operational support needs so that people are free to follow God's calling into ministry teams that help us, as a group of believers, to bring glory to God and further His Kingdom. The Administration & Support Council does its work through standing committees of the church and related supporting teams.

Planned Committee Activity for 2013

The Nominating Committee find and recommend to the church, people called by God to fill open positions on standing committees.

The Personnel Committee will

  • Work with the transition team to complete job descriptions, recommend salary and benefits packages and support minister search teams for any new positions that evolve from the transition process
  • Complete an update of the Employee Handbook that complies with current personnel laws and provides policies that promote a healthy work environment with clear employee and employer expectations
  • Collect annual performance evaluations and evaluate the pastors’ performance
  • Encourage and support all Church Staff Personnel

The Rules of Procedure Committee will continue to review and revise as appropriate the Rules of Procedure to reflect how FHBC should function in the light of possible incorporation as well as leadership governance changes emerging from the interim transition process.

The Financial Management Committee and its three sub-teams (Insurance Management, Investment Management, and Endowment Management) will

  • Work with the transition team to implement incorporation of the church if approved by the membership
  • Recommend budget goals to the Leadership Team
  • Recommend to church leadership when financial condition support funding for “challenge plan” items in the resource plan 

Continue to coordinate with the Property Management Committee the funding options for significant capital improvements and deferred maintenance such as Steeple and HVAC repairs

  • Review results of annual financial audit
  • Complete a major revision of the Financial Policies and Procedures document
  • Recommend insurance related actions
  • Continue to promote the stewardship of one’s estate

The Offering Counting Committee will continue its faithful service counting and ensuring the secure deposit of all church offerings.

The Property Management Committee and its four sub-teams (Building & Grounds, Facilities Use, Missionary House, and Transportation) will 

  • Complete analysis and make a recommendation on Church steeple repairs
  • Ensure methods and resources are identified and implemented to properly maintain our church property 
  • Review and update policies for the use of our facilities and equipment
  • Maintain the Missionary House and complete minor renovations including new kitchen floor, replacing bathroom vanities, faucets, mirrors, and light fixtures, and painting several rooms
  • Ensure that our church vehicles are reliable, safe and well maintained
  • Certify new drivers for vehicles 
  • Continue to identify and promote solutions for church energy use reductions
  • Develop a multi-year facility maintenance plan prior to the 2014 resource planning cycle

The Communications Technology Team will 

  • Assist staff in evaluating new technologies that can benefit office operations or support ministry efforts
  • Offer advice on the purchase of hardware and software for office and ministry work

The Security Team will 

• Continue to patrol the church and parking lots each Sunday morning to ensure safety and security
• Ensure team members are trained in CPR and defibrillator usage to assist if a medical emergency arises