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Wednesday classes are starting August 18, 2021! We will meet in-person at 6:00pm and at 6:30pm on Zoom!

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Wednesday classes starting at 6:00pm in-person and 6:30pm in Zoom
Starting again on Wednesday, August 18th!

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Welcome to your home away from home

Throughout the year we offer conversational English classes designed to help you improve your listening and speaking skills. You can join us for trips to the mountains, the beach and other places of interest in North Carolina. Around important US holidays, there are activities planned to help you celebrate these American cultural traditions. Through these and other activities you can build friendships with Americans and people from around the world. There are hundreds of people throughout the year from over 30 different countries who participate in our various activities.

We also have three ethnic language groups at Forest Hills for internationals, Christians, and others interested persons. Perhaps you would like to visit our Chinese Baptist Church, our Farsi Fellowship, or our United African Baptist Church. Browse our Ministry to Internationals site to learn more about these and other activities for Internationals at our family of churches at Forest Hills.

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Wednesdays: 6:00pm in-person and 6:30pm in Zoom
Starting again on Wednesday, August 18th

From September through May, our English classes meet on Wednesday evenings. With seven levels of classes, from beginner to fluency, you can improve your listening and speaking skills. We teach Conversational English with an emphasis on pronunciation, vocabulary, and idioms, and we address everyday spoken English needs. We meet from 6:30-7:45 in the evening.

ESL/Bible: Sundays 9:30am
Classes meet every Sunday, all year long

The Bible is a world book and of interest to every major religion, not just to Christians. Come, with no pressure to accept our beliefs, and study English from the Bible. Questions are freely answered, and English is improved. Classes are small and opportunities to practice English and share ideas are abundant. Classes are divided according to the English level of the participants. We meet on Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:45 in the morning.