Partner churches of Forest Hills

Forest Hills is blessed to partner with and host several congregations right here on our church campus. These partner churches are committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to members of the international community here in the greater Raleigh area.

Times of Worship

United African Baptist Church

The United African Baptist Church provides a “home-away-from-home” for African internationals in the Triangle. Supporting both missions' efforts locally and throughout Africa, we’re committed to making disciples of every age, race, gender, and national origin.

Contact: Rev. Ngoma Masiala (

Website: To visit the UABC’s Facebook page, please click here

Worship: Sundays at 12:30pm in the Chapel.

Iranian Christian Fellowship

We, the Iranian Christian Fellowship of Raleigh, are a nurturing community serving Christian and non-Christian Farsi speakers of the Triangle with a variety of backgrounds: Iranian, Afghani etc., as well as connecting them to Jesus Christ and equipping them to impact the Farsi-speaking community for Him. Please visit us to experience our fellowship.

Contact: Asad Hashemi, (919) 828-6161 ext. 134

Iglesia Bautista La Roca (Church of the Rock)

We are a Church committed to sharing the love of God to every person who does not know Him, to every person who visits our congregation, and to the rest of the Body of Christ. We feel committed to not only teach the Biblical principles to establish a personal relationship with God and his church, but also to be the arms of God in this place. We hope that through our lives the people around us will know Christ, that they will also have a positive impact on society by sharing the love of God.

Contact: Rev. Alex Rodriguez (

Website: To visit La Roca's website, please click here

Worship: Sundays at 1:15pm in the Fellowship Hall

International Brazilian Church
The International Brazilian Church is a church committed to the Great Commission, spreading the word of God to reach lives for Jesus, strengthening the church of Christ through biblical studies and discipleship, and helping and strengthening the ties of the Brazilian community.


Ser uma igreja comprometida com a Grande Comissão, divulgando a palavra de Deus para alcançar vidas para Jesus, fortalecendo a igreja de Cristo por meio de estudos bíblicos e discipulado e ajudando e estreitando os laços da comunidade brasileira no exterior.

Anderson Oliveira - (910) 367-4887
Daienize Oliveira - (910) 540-5909

Worship: Saturdays at 6:30pm in the Chapel.
Todo os Domingos - 6:30pm

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Chinese Baptist Church

Chinese Baptist Church (CBC) in Raleigh was established in January 1997.  Our mission is to evangelize, connect, and nurture Chinese in the local area and overseas to Jesus Christ. We trust in God and we are united through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Contact: Jane C. Pan, (919) 828-6161 ext. 120

Website: To visit the CBC's website, click here

Worship: Sundays at 11:00am in the Chapel.