Haiti Missions Partnership

In 2019, Forest Hills began a partnership with CBF Missionary Jenny Jenkins, who serves the people of Grand Goâve, Haiti. In addition to sending mission teams who assist local children, widows, and others in Jenny’s community, we’re also working with Jenny to fundraise for and build a comprehensive health care clinic in the rural, isolated, and underserved area in which she ministers. To learn more about Jenny, her ministry, and our partnership, check out this brief video of her and our Senior Pastor, Mark White.

Great Commission Offering
2022 Goal: $45,000

What is it? This is a special offering that our church collects throughout the year. 100% of all money given to this offering directly supports the missions work of our three ministry partners, each of which allows our church to have a tangible missions impact locally, across the state, and around the world. We support these partners in mission because of their commitment to:

  • Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Ministering to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of God’s children.

  • Equipping women and men for missions engagement.

Who does it support? 

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Global Missionariesgiving towards the Great Commission Offering helps sustain the long-term presence of missionaries in the places where God has called them to serve. 

Baptists on Mission: giving towards the Great Commission Offering sustains important local, state, and international ministries like disaster relief, church planting, medical missions, and more. 

Raleigh Rescue Mission: giving towards the Great Commission Offering transforms the lives of homeless men, women, and children here in Raleigh by ministering to their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. 

How can I give towards the Great Commission Offering? To support this offering, you can either give online, or by designating your cash/check donation towards the "Great Commission Offering."

What's our goal for 2022? Our goal for this offering in 2022 is $45,000. Divided among our three missions partners, that would translate into an impact of $15,000 for each.