What Makes Us Different

There's a lot of things that make Forest Hills different from other churches. These things don't make us any better or worse than other churches, mind you. After all, each church goes about ministry and missions in their own particular way according to how God has gifted and blessed each one. So, with that in mind, here's what makes Forest Hills different...

Our Preaching Rotation

Regardless of which worship service you attend, you’ll notice something different about the minister preaching in your service – it’s a different person every week. While we have a Senior Pastor, who offers spiritual leadership to our church, preaching duties are shared by several members of our ministry staff. We feel that hearing different voices from the pulpit aids our worship life and allows us to consider life-changing spiritual truths from a variety of viewpoints.  

Our Partner Churches

If you visit our church campus throughout the week, you’ll notice a lot of people who don’t look or sound anything like you. Forest Hills is proud to share our campus with four partner churches who minister to various segments of our international community. We believe that the Gospel transcends color, language, and countries of origin so we view these partner churches and their ministries as an integral part of who we are as a church. While each church functions independently from one another, we do hold joint worship services (Mosaic Worship) throughout the year and partner together for various ministry and missions projects.

Our Leaders

We believe that all people are equipped to be on mission for Christ. Because of that, we’re a church that affirms women and men in ordained ministry and in all aspects of church leadership.

Our People

At Forest Hills, you’re going to meet a lot of different people who all share one main thing in common: they are loved by Jesus. Our church family ranges from infants to senior adults well into their 90s. We’ve got saintly Christians and we’ve also got a fair number of misfits too. Our people hold to plenty of different world-views and political affiliations as well. As we see it, this diversity is a strength, not a weakness. Through our intergenerational community, we come to appreciate and value the diversity and unity which is found through Christ alone.