Deacon Nominations

  1. Members of Forest Hills Baptist Church may nominate up to ten (10) persons to serve as a deacon for a three-year term beginning January 2020.

  2. Fewer nominations than ten are permitted, but forms with more than ten nominations will be discarded.

  3. Please return nominations by Sunday, October 6, 2019 to the box in The Gathering Place or by filling out a form below. Nomination forms will not be received or counted after that date.

  4. The following are ineligible for nomination:

  • Deacons rotating off at the end of 2019

  • Spouses of Active Deacons

  • Spouses of staff members

  • Active Deacons

  • Non-members of FHBC

    5. Nomination forms must be signed by the member submitting the form to be counted.

    6. Forest Hills seeks broad age-group representation on the Diaconate. To encourage this, please make an attempt to nominate people within each age category.  Please use your best guess at ages if you are uncertain about the age category for a potential nominee.

   7.   The 2019 Diaconate is listed below:

Through 2019

Tripp Ake

John Cornwell

Eric McDonald

Robert Singleton

John Graham Spencer

Donnie Wiltshire

Through 2020

(Spouses Ineligible)

Bryan Duff

Susan Gentry

Martha Harrell

Jessica Harris

Wilson Laney

Paul Suber

Kathryn Wright

Through 2021

(Spouses Ineligible)

Haleigh Conley

Aaron Goulding

Sandra Haskins

Brian Martin

Terry Wray

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Standing Committee Nominations

Below is a list of current standing committees in our church, as well as those who are currently serving on a committee.  With each committee is a brief description as well as the number of open positions available.  Please carefully consider who would serve and fit well in the available positions and fill in their names in the spaces on the form.  The nominating committee will review and consider the congregation’s selections and vote on nominees at the December Church Conference.  If you have any questions please contact the chair of the Nominating Committee, Kathryn Wright . Please complete nominations by Sunday, October 6, 2019 by filling out a form below.

The following are ineligible for nomination:

a. Committee members rotating off at the end of 2019

b. Spouses of Active committee members (for that specific committee only) 

c. Spouses of staff members

d. Active committee members

e. Non-members of FHBC


Committee Members with Term Ending 2019:

Bylaws Committee
Revise our Bylaws to reflect how FHBC functions as an organization under the existing structure. Meets on an as needed basis
1. Derek Graham, 2020 2. Carey Muse , 2020 3. Larry Hancock, 2021 4. Sherry Cochran, 2021
Connections Preschool Committee
Provides leadership and oversight to Connections Preschool. Meets every two months.
1. Beverly Spencer, 2020 2. Jane Revak, 2020 3. Curtis Weaver, 2021 4. Fain Barker, 2021
Financial Management
Recommends budget goals to church leadership, develops an investment and asset protection policy, recommends insurance-related actions and reviews church financial records. Meets on a monthly basis.
1. Debbie Capps, 2020 2. Mary Weaver, 2020 3. AG Bullard, 2021 4. Rogers Farr, 2021
Personnel Committee
Recommends to church individuals to fill staff positions, maintains church policies that pertain to all employed personnel, handles annual employee performance evaluations, and supports all church staff. Meets on a monthly basis.
1. Parker Flowers, 2020 2. Joy Phillips, 2020 3. Patti Bowers, 2021 4. Mallie Pennington, 2021
Property Management Committee
Ensures church property is cared for through established policies for use of facilities, maintenance of missionary house, maintain church vehicles for reliability and safety. Meets on a monthly basis.
1. Crowell Bowers, 2020 2. Janice Broniak, 2020 3. Gail Laney, 2020 4. Stephen Whitfield, 2020 5. John Graham Spencer, 2021

What happens once nominations are submitted?

Early in October, a sub-team within the deacons (Chair, Chair-Elect and Ad Hoc Nominating Chair and two at-large Deacons) who represent the different age groups shall work the selection process. The sub-team will: 

• Divide nominees by age group.

• Identify those names on the most ballots.

• Review the demographics of those deacons not rotating off. 

• Select potential candidates and prioritize list based on alignment to the needs of FHBC.

• Begin contacting recommended candidates to determine their interest in being nominated for deacon service. 

• Contacts shall continue until a full slate is prepared for the Church approval at the December Church Conference. 

Full slate – Maximum number of deacons for the year determined by the Diaconate

• Candidates shall write brief descriptions of their background and submit them to the deacon chairperson.